Aaaand we’re back!

Hey everybody. If you’ve visited over the past few weeks you’ll have noticed that either the site was down, or it was the default “hello world” page that comes preinstalled with WordPress. This is because I have been transferring the site across machines! I just finished migrating my server from my old (good) computer to a new-ish (crappy) computer I bought specifically to act as a “set it and forget it” server/media centre.

It took some doing and troubleshooting, however I think I’m back from the dead!

This frees up my good laptop, the Thinkpad T430s, to be used as a general purpose computer.

The new machine, a refurbished Thinkpad e11, will act as my FTP and HTTP server for now, as well as a games/media centre connected to my TV. We’ll see how this arrangement works out. It is a very under-powered machine so this might be asking a bit too much of it. But part of the fun of using Linux is being able to give old machines new life.

Computers are fun. Computers are frustrating. Funstrating.

My new server (file photo). Just pretend that Windows nonsense is replaced by Mint MATE.